Oral surgery

Oral surgery
01. Anesthesia
02. Extraction of single root tooth
03. Extraction of multi-rooted tooth
04. Extraction of deeply destroyed or deeply fractured tooth
05. Fragment extraction
06. Surgical extraction of a retained /impacted/ tooth
07. Abscess incision
08. Excision of a benign tumor of the mucosa or skin
09. Apical osteotomy of the frontal tooth
10. Apical osteotomy of the premolar
11. Apical osteotomy of the molar
12. Surgery of a small cyst
13. Surgery of a large cyst
14. Artificial bone graft
15. Membrane
16. Tooth replacement
17. Plastic closure of maxillary sinus
18. Extirpation of salivary gland stone
19. Stop bleeding after tooth extraction

Large cyst in the maxillofacial area

The cysts in the maxillofacial area /MFA/ are the most common cysts in the human body. This is due to both abnormalities in embryonic development and ontogenetic factors, as well as frequent chronic inflammatory processes in this area. What is a Cyst? The cyst is a pathological cavity in the human body that has its own connective tissue sheath, upholstered with epithelium and filled with fluid. Usually this liquid called cystic fluid containing cholesterol crystals.

Salivary stone disease

In other words - stones in the salivary glands. It is a very common disease, accounting for 51.5% of all diseases of these glands. Its causes and development are still unclear, but three theories are proposed:


What does a Impacted tooth mean? The term derives from the Latin retentio - which means hold, i.e. 'retained' in the puncture of his teeth. Most often, they strike a third, etc. 'canine' teeth and eighths,'wisdom' teeth, etc.

Perforation of the maxillary sinus

The maxilla, translated from Latin, is the upper jaw, and the maxillary sinus is a cavity in the upper jaw. Perforation of the maxillary sinus is a very common complication in the extraction of the upper teeth.

Dental Remplantation

The term 'replantation'; is derives from Latin and in translation means 'replanting', ie. the tooth, which for some reason is extractable, is first extracted in the most atraumatic way, the root canals are treatment and filled, it is sealed and returned to its alveolus in the jaw bone from which it is extracted.