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1968-1974    Graduated from the Stomatology (Oral Medicine)  Department in Sofia with honors

1972         Specialization in implantology – Prof. Betman, Germany

1974 – 1976    Internship at the surgical ward of the Regional Stomatology Polyclinic in Sliven

1975 – 1978    Dental surgery specialization at the Stomatology Department in Sofia.

1978         Dental surgery certificate from the Stomatology Department in Sofia

1978-1981     Head of the Maxillofacial Surgery at the Neurosurgical Ward of Dr. Ivan Seliminski
Regional Hospital in Sliven

1978 – 1981     Specialization in Maxillofacial surgery at the Stomatology Department, Sofia

1981         Participation in Science conferences as a presenter of two reports:
Methods for cranioplasty of front-orbital defects using a Duracril plate and
Three-year experience with intraosseous implants of  original design

1986         Publication in the Health Worker magazine – Prosthetic treatment of dental arch defects involving intraosseous implants  

1987-1991    Head of the Surgical ward of Mladost 3 Regional Dental Polyclinic in Sofia, appointed after competitive examination

1991        Establishment of private dental practice in Sofia  

1991         Specialization in Implantology, Prof. Heinrich, Germany

1991        Designed and patented a subperiosteal implant No 51338

1993        Designed a dental implant, industrial pattern  No. 1920

1993         Specialization in Implantology, Prof. Arigo Barcali, Livorno and Prof. Angelini, Bologna, Italy

1995         Organized and took part in the First International East-European Congress of Oral Implantology, Sofia

1995          Replanting as a good but long forgotten dental treatment method – publication in Everything for everyone  

1999          Specialization in Contemporary Periodontal Surgery, Prof. Mark Danan, France, Level 1

1999          Specialization in Implantology – T. B. R. Implant system by Prof. Andre Benamu, France

1999         Publication in Dental Almanac magazine – Designing fixed prosthesis support for atrophic mandibula and maxilla involving subperiosteal implants

2000          Publication in Dental Almanac magazine – Implementing STEDIKER porous hydroxyapatite bioceramics in the treatment of large cysts followed by implant prosthesis: clinical report

2000         Specialization in Contemporary Periodontal Surgery, Prof. Mark Danan, France – Level 2

2001         Specialization in Implantology – T. B. R. ide@, Prof. Andre Benamu, France

2001          Specialization in Prosthetic Dentistry, Prof. Wolfel, USA

2002         Publication in Dental World: Conservative surgical approach to unusual cases in daily dental practice  

2002         Specialization in Aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Walter Devoto, Italy    

2002         Publication in Dental World: Dental implants as bridge supports – a different concept

2002          Specialization in Functional Diagnostics and Gnathology, Dr. Gernot Mörich, Germany

2002          Publication in Dental World: Subperiosteal implants – a good alternative for insufficient bone for intraosseous implant treatment

2002          Publication in Dental World: Transdental stabilizers

2003         Specialization in Contemporary Periodontal Surgery, Prof. Mark Danan, France – Level 3

2003         Specialization in Implantology – T. B. R. ide@conic, Prof. Andre Benamu, France

2003          Specialization in Contemporary Periodontal Surgery, Prof. Mark Danan, France – Level 4 (highest level)

2004         Implantology specialization for Anthogyr-implant system, France. System innovations  

2005         Implantology specialization for Ankylos implant system, USA

2005         Implantology specialization for Anthogyr-implant system, France. Anthofit system innovations

2006         Specialization in Endodontic treatment implementing the Micro Mega system, France

2006          Cofferdam use specialization, Dr. J. Bergmans

2006         Anthogyr implant system for increased implantology efficiency and prosthetic treatment, Dr. Matthew Brenas and Dr. Pierre Eiserick, France

2007         Training in piezosurgery for dental practice, Dr. David Mationi, France

2007         Advance training: Anthogyr implant system for increased implantology efficiency and prosthetic treatment, Dr. Jaque Vermullen, France

2007          Specialization in Endodontic treatment with Micro-Mega, France: Endodontic treatment and biological obstacles

2007         Implantology specialization with Anthogyr, France: Higher success rate in implantology with Anthogyr implant system and prosthetics

2007         Implantology specialization in Meisinger, Germany, Kimsee Academy: Training for bone material implementation – bone anatomy, grafting, sinus lift techniques, vertical and horizontal bone distraction   

2013        Publication in Engineering and Electronics magazine: G. Todorov, Y. Sofronov, H. Hristov, Resilience and deformation of subperiosteal implants  

2014         Publication in Engineering and Electronics magazine: Victor Mitov, Georgi Todorov, Yavor Sofronov, Hristo Hristov, 3D reconstruction of maxillary tomography for subperiosteal implantology and its practical application

2014         Release of the monograph Subperiosteal implants. The renaissance. Facing the future… - a summary of 40 years of academic and clinical experience,  the first ever implementation in Bulgaria of the CAD/CAM technology and the first ever creation of a mathematical model for implant positioning as well as software for the dental practitioner.    

Dr. Hristov has numerous publications in Dentistry World and Dental Almanac as well as other periodicals on different topics of the daily dental routine and unusual clinical cases.
Dr. Hristov has 47 years of experience as a dental clinician.

Bulgarian Society of Oral Implantology and Biomaterials – member since 1994
International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) – member since 1995
Union of Dental Workers in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Society of Periodontal Surgery and Oral Implantology – member since 2002