- DENTAL MACHINE - Anvita, with peripherals of MM / Micro - Mega / and W&H - one of the leading in the world, with light, built-in ultrasound machine, built-in photo polymer lamp.
- ULTRASOUND BATH - ULTRA sonic, for cleaning tools.
- AUTOCLAVE - for sterilization of instruments Vela 170 of the company Satelec, one of the world leaders in these technologies, class B / highest /.
- PACKAGING MACHINE - for tools, Dabi Atlante.
- DISTILLER - Water wise.
- DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA - with high resolution color image, allowing visualization and accurate diagnosis of diseases of the teeth and mucous membranes in hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas in the oral cavity. Ability for the patient to see the image on a monitor in a greatly enlarged form in order to motivate treatment.
- SCANNER - EPSON PERFECTION V700 PHOTO, allowing scanning of available X-ray image and highly professional software - MPDX MEGAPICSEL DIAGNOSTICS, for processing and staining for precise diagnostics and metric evaluation.
- PHYSIOTHERAPEUTIC AND DIAGNOSTIC APPARATUS - "Scorpion" of the company "Optics laser", without analogue in its class in the world, allowing the most up-to-date physical methods for diagnosis / apex-location, corrosion potential, focal diagnostics and Electrodontodiagnostics of the dental pulp condition /, as well as modern physiotherapy procedures / laser therapy, electrotherapy, iontophoresis and electro anesthesia /.
- DIODE LASER DEVICE - DenLase, combining the latest available technologies for semiconductor lasers for soft tissue therapy and surgery.
- ENDODONTIC SNOUT - of the company Anthogyr with 4 degrees of protection and the best system for treatment of root canals Hero-shaper, of MM, by means of which even the most crooked root canals could be cured.
- BLEACHING AND POLISHING APPARATUS - AIR FLOW, with water jet and scented soda.
- CYTOJECT - gently injecting anesthetic tool with carpules.
- DEVICE FOR INSTALLATION OF DENTAL IMPLANTS - I - Surge. Of the company Satelec, without analogue in the world.

SURGICAL SETS - for placement of dental implants T.B.R. France, implants Anthogyr, AB - implants, Israel, TAG-detal - Israel and NEO BIOTECH - South Korea, MONO implants - Switzerland.
- PIEZOTOM - device for piezo-surgery of the company Satelec, combined with an ultrasound device for periodontal surgery.
- SAFE RELAX – snout for easy, fast and painless removal of old crowns and bridges, from the company Anthogyr, France.

- HFO Gruppo MICERIUM - photo composite with very high aesthetic performance and hardness. We use it for the construction of whole teeth, veneers, as well as for aesthetic fillings of masticatory teeth.
- ORMOCER - Admira but Voco, the aesthetic substitute for amalgam. It has strong wear resistance.
- NANOMER - Grandio by Voco, the latest generation of photopolymers. The tightest adhesion to the tooth that is possible with photopolymers.
- THERAPY - the products of the French company Pierre Rolland, an established world manufacturer.
- ORTHOPEDICS - the products of the French company Pierre Rolland. Expasyl - Satelec pistol and consumable for hemostasis and retraction of the gums when taking fingerprints. The products of the Japanese company Fiji.
- SURGERY - anesthetics Ultracain D - S and Forte, fast onset effect, depth and duration of anesthesia. Bone substitutes and membrane Pierre Rolland, Geistlich, BIOMATLANTE.