Positioner Software Application

„Pozitsioner“ Software Application – an integral part of the monograph

On the cover of the CD of the specialized application software, based on a mathematical model created for the first time in the world, there is a stylized Subperiosteal implant and a dental crown presented. A snake, considered one of the symbols of medicine, is wrapped along the implant.  


Software Application Overview

The engineering mechanics states that any complex system is in equilibrium in space when its individual elements are positioned correctly. In order to position them precisely, the classical mechanics equations are used. Since these equations are part of the higher mathematics, which is not within the scope of dentists’, and since it is difficult to be handled on a daily basis, I have created an application where by entering simple data the position of the Subperiosteal implant head (heads) is automatically calculated. This software can be applied as well for positioning conventional implants, especially in cases of distal unlimited defects or toothless jaws. Balabanov has developed a mathematical model for the functional and mechanical balance of the periodontium. By adapting Balabanov’s one, Popov has developed a mathematical model for implants and teeth. He provides rules concerning the required number and combination of implants, teeth as well as dental bridge sets, however he provide no information on where exactly that implant (implants) to be positioned. Implants are not to be placed for their own sake.  They should serve to fix denture on them. Implants and the dental prosthesis on them are a comprehensive and complex system, which suggests exact positioning of its components, so that it is in equilibrium. Prof. Surov from Lithuania named this system ‘implastructure’.  The implastructure demands on both the dentist, who is supposed to determine the number of implants and eventual teeth in it, and the dental technician, who should prepare the respective dental prosthesis considering the particular clinical case and observing the relevant principles. Detail information on the matter can be found in the book, and additionally – the software application based on a mathematical model, created for the first time in the world, facilitates the work of the medical team.

Positioner Software


Positioner is a program designed for implantologists, dental technicians and dentists. It is a useful aid when determining the head location for subperiosteal and standard implants. All data and respective calculations can be saved and recruited from the data base as needed.

The program has a user-friendly interface.


Patient’s information
Type in information about the patient: name, personal identification number, registration number, notes (if any).


Type and number of implants or SPI heads.
Choose the type of implant to be placed (Standard or SPI). If a standard implant is chosen, fill in the number of implants needed. For a SPI fill in the number of implant heads.


Fill in the input data.
[/userfiles/files/programa4-en.png]The patient’s missing teeth are marked by a sketch of the maxilla and the mandible. Then they appear in the “Tooth” column of the input field. The “X” column should be filled in with the coordinates of the antagonists taken from the line of symmetry along the bone ridge using a tomography. If teeth are missing from both jaws, the following sample coordinates could be used. In the “Periodontium” field the specialist fills in the coefficient corresponding to the remaining periodontium. It is multiplied by the respective masticatory force according to the table below.

Average masticatory forces [Balabanov]

The “Size” field contains information about the size of the missing tooth arch.

After all the information is filled in, press ИЗЧИСЛЯВАНЕ  or РЕЗУЛТАТ  and the program will calculate the location of the implants or SPI heads and will provide their coordinates Х according to the maxilla and originating from the line of symmetry.
Choose functions Load and Save from the Menu to create and save a file with the above calculations.  
1. Any line could serve as the beginning of the coordinates if taken into account that masticatory forces are related to the existing antagonists while the implant location is determined by the same origin but on the side of the missing teeth.  
2. It is important that the missing teeth are processed one by one for the compiling of a prosthetic construction. A new prosthesis would require a separate file. The software goes along with the book, but they can be also purchased separately.

The price of the disc is 50 Euro. Both of them can be ordered by email, shipped via DHL and paid on delivery.