We often describe beautiful teeth as a Hollywood-star smile. Where does all the charm come from? Of course the beauty is in the even arrangement, the health and the whiteness of the teeth. Through the centuries many artists and sculptors created masterpieces knowing that the shape and the size of human teeth can help determine the right proportions of the body.
Beautiful strong teeth are evidence of both a body that is physically healthy and good health of the internal organs. The mentality is in a good balance too. Even in ancient times it was known that the condition of teeth, gums and mucosa could reveal a number of hidden internal diseases.

The science of stomatology holds a number of specific features based on the specifics of the maxillofacial anatomy and physiology: in a very small space nature has placed some very important organs which differ in structure and functions. They determine our senses of smell and taste, our abilities to talk, to communicate, and to do different jobs. The saliva with its unique composition protects us from imminent infections.

In our attitude towards our patients we keep in mind the complex system of biological, psychological and social components that they bring. We are aware of the suffering dental pain can cause breaking the daily routine and, affecting one’s ability to work. Poor oral health makes a person feel upset and gives him low self-esteem. And we know how a relevant professional treatment can help improve one’s self-esteem.

This is why a good stomatologist must be a good doctor, an aesthete and an excellent psychologist. All that makes up the criteria for high professional level. To the perfect medical education we add continuously updated information on the latest achievements in stomatology and technological innovations in the field because these facilitate contemporary and effective treatment. The overall health of our patients is the mission of our office; it is the mission of stomatology as science which gives it such an important role in the modern society. The continuous improvement of the personnel’s qualifications and the renewal of materials, technologies and equipment are accomplished for one single purpose – higher effectiveness of the patients’ treatment.